“Alison provided a tailored training session at our business to cross functional teams where individuals were encouraged to participate in the discussion. As a participant I found her style of delivery and personable nature the key strength. I’m sure that all those who participated both enjoyed and gained a great deal from it which will provide tangible results to the business.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative. Bob Edwards

“Alison attended my office to carry out some sales recruitment training for a couple of consultants. She worked closely on the day, providing tips and guidance on dealing with issues when calling both warm and cold clients on the telephone. Her after sales support was second to none where Alison continued to provide support over the phone for a period of weeks. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.” Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity. Mark Wiggan – Managing Director, M65 Recruitment Ltd.

“Inspirational from the moment I met Alison, she has that rare quality of being able to drill down to the nuts and bolts of what motivates and makes people successful. A warm, reassuring coaching and training style with the natural charisma of one who lights up a room, couple with excellent knowledge of her subject. The injection of training lifted the team. They have gained from her training and she made them feel positive and hungry. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her throughout this process. I would happily recommend Alison for any training assignment and look forward to working with her again soon.” Robert Dutton, Managing Director – Recruitment Solutions

“Alison is an enthusiastic, experienced and conscientious person who prides herself on always provide the best level of service and advice. Alison will go the extra mile to make sure you achieve your goals and visions. Alison is one of the most positive people you will find today always finding solutions and providing the best practical advice. Alison has become a key part of my self development programme and would strongly recommend her as a rare commodity within the industry” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value. Simeon Bowers – EMA Global Recruitment Director, Select Recruitment (Global) Ltd

“Alison is a highly professional and infectiously enthusiastic Trainer who obviously loves her job. Her training style engages delegates and her material is well-researched, detailed and comprehensive. She has delivered several highly professional training courses to our organisation in the last two years. These have ranged from 2-day introduction to Recruitment courses for new employees to refresher training on sales techniques and job advertising. On every occasion the information covered has been comprehensive and the delivery style infectiously enthusiastic. The feedback from trainees has been excellent and has enhanced our own reputation as a quality employer. I could not recommend Alison highly enough.” Paul Devlin, Director- The Recruit Business

“I would definitely recommend Alison Mannell at Firebird Training. I’ve learnt so much more from my one-on-one coaching with her in one day with a follow up phone call than my previous training company taught in 3 days for more money. The lesson was well planned and tailored to my individual needs as she allowed me to submit questions prior to doing the course and incorporated these into the lesson. You can tell with Alison that it’s not all about money with her. She actually enjoys helping her students and wants to see them succeed. We’re extremely fortunate to have Alison on our side. She’s a rare treasure and someone I’m extremely proud of knowing. I hope to have her work with us again in the near future. Job well done! Thank you Alison”.Faheemah Luqman, Director – PinPoint Resources Ltd

“Alison came to help maximise our potential whilst I was at Floss Agency. We found her innovative, intuitive and insightful. She has great expertise within the industry and boundless energy!! Whether you are just starting out in recruitment or need someone to “look in from the outside” with honesty, then I can recommend Alison.” Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative. Diana Whyman – Managing Director, Diana Whyman Recruitment

 “Alison has provided invaluable support and consultancy to the business on an on-going basis. She provides strategic advice as well as superb training which has really enabled the company to move forward. I would highly recommend Firebird Training.” Karen Windley, Director – Windley Jones Associates

“Having appointed Alison to train Abi in recruitment, in 2007 I asked her to come and train Teresa when she joined us last year. During her time training Teresa, Alison also gave Abi some refresher training. I would highly recommend Alison for her professionalism, drive, enthusiasm and above all her in-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry. Her commitment to ensure that all areas were covered and put into practice, were carried out in a professional yet friendly manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Alison’s skills again when the need arises.” Dolina Hendry, Director – Lioness Consultants

 “I became aware of Alison through an employee who had worked with her previously, when she was a recruitment consultant. Over the intervening period Alison had setup her own company offering structured training for IT Recruitment Consultants. I asked Alison to write a 3 day training program covering recruitment practices that aligned to our business needs. She took time to understand our business, our clients and our staff and produced a training program that suited our needs.
Alison’s varied personal experiences of recruitment across Europe and Australia enable her to see recruitment from many different perspectives which enables her to build training program’s to meet the individual need. The training was in-depth but fun, delivered in a way which kept the interest of those involved. On a commercial front I found the cost of the training “value for money”, especially going forward now that the program has been written and the costs will be purely day rates for training.” Mick Weaver, Director– Jump IT Recruitment Solutions Ltd

“Alison was great, really excelled herself. All our staff did learn from it and taken on board Alison’s idea’s. We have taken lots of Alison’s idea’s and will be trying it out next week.” Anne McLaughlin, Sales Manager – Genepool Personnel Ltd

“Alison is a highly professional and motivated person who has the perfect mix of academic and hands on skills to give the very best advice and assistance. Whilst working with Alison I had great respect for her and her work and would recommend her to any company requiring training.” Kate Garbett, Branch Manager – Office Angels

“When I started in the tough world of Recruitment, I trained with Alison as I knew nothing and needed to learn a lot. The course was brilliant, I learnt all the skills that I utilise daily, I got to take all my training books with me and she added lots of creativity to the course. Alison is professional, yet personable and I would highly recommend any of her services. She is great to have a giggle with too!” Abi Hendry, Recruitment Specialist – Lioness Consultants

“The Firebird Training has made me more aware and was brilliant and desperately needed. It covered everything I could imagine and couldn’t imagine. It was very comprehensive and good. Alison has great enthusiasm and it comes across in the course.” Martin, Recruitment Consultant – The Recruit Business

“The course folder is great. The guys seem to have picked up loads. It may take a couple of weeks, to fully integrate forms and procedures, however I really like everything you have done thus far. Thanks.” Giles Sherman, MD – GSR Recruitment

“Alison taught me the basics I need to build on as a recruitment consultant. Concise, well delivered and well structured training that is understandable by all in this industry” Tom King, Recruitment Consultant – Jump IT Recruitment Solutions

“The course was well organised and structured. All time was utilised well and we never had a moment to be bored quite the opposite in fact, I was impressed as to how much fun was injected into the day. We all found ourselves inspired by an energetic course leader who truly knows her stuff. This has left me in a very comfortable position in my new career I have the packs from the course to reference and I have met people in the same position as me who I can share experiences with. I feel that I can also contribute knowledge on working practices with my colleagues, something I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do before attending the course. The only thing I have to do know is seal a deal or die trying”. Marina Pasquill, Recruitment Consultant – The Recruit Business

“I found the course extremely helpful and I believe the reason that it is such a success is because you are a brilliant trainer. You are helpful, you really go into the nitty gritty and you are fun and friendly which makes you want to learn and pay attention. You have covered everything I need to know about being a successful recruitment consultant, so thank you very much for all your help”. Abi Hendry, Recruitment Consultant – Lioness Consulting

“I enjoyed the three days of the course thoroughly and really got on well with the others on the course. I thought the way in which the course was presented and delivered was up to excellent standards. Also, the workbooks given to us, one for each day, make it very easy to follow the discussions and make note of any valued or extra points brought up during discussion. These workbooks will also be very useful for each of us to refer to at a later date when working in recruitment. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. Thanks once again for your time and effort Alison” Sam Nurse – Trainee on 8 week programme

“I thought the course was very well presented and organised including standards of the building that the training took place in. I think the course is beneficial to attend as it covers everything that a Recruitment Consultant needs to know for all the levels of communication in the Recruitment Industry. The way the test was set it was good as it really tests your brain and makes you think, I think it was structured very well. I think I am doing well I have had so many interviews but no deals yet. I am doing things in a more structured way and the right way. Many thanks for passing your knowledge on to us all”. Luan Gjaci, Recruitment Consultant – The Recruit Engineers

“I have known Alison for a few years now, initially as a candidate and now as my client. She is a clear communicator and from her years of experience of agency and in-house recruitment she acts as an inspiration to her trainees. I have heard numerous accolades regarding her training programme from her past pupils. Alison has also worked with our agency during a transitional period and has been tremendous support and inspiration for all of us. She has immense energy resources and a terrific “can do” attitude to any problems thrown in her path. Would definitely recommend Alison.” Jill Burford, Recruitment Consultant – Floss Agency

 Alison Mannell, is an exceptional individual whose energy and recruitment experience is unmatched by anyone else I have met within the industry. Before Firebird training I was an ambitious graduate without any career focus or commercial experience. Firebird training gave me a huge insight and understanding into the highly rewarding world of recruitment as well as being a lot of fun. When applying for graduate recruitment jobs it certainly made me stand out from the crowd and was definitely a huge factor in me securing a position with an IT recruitment company. But most of important of all it has given me a real head start in my current position as a trainee recruitment consultant, where I am hopefully going to earn a lot of money. Firebird Training gave me the best career path and advice after leaving University. If anyone is interested in achieving in the recruitment industry or if a company is eager to improve the performance of their recruitment staff I would highly recommend the services of Firebird training”. Aaron Kiddle, Recruitment Consultant – Sand Resources

“Being trained by you was a privilege as I learnt so much in such a short space of time.” Tom, Recruitment Consultant

“Alison has been extremely helpful to me in my search to find young Apprentices for companies around the Kent region. She is professional, polite and prompt at responding to any questions/queries that I have brought forward. I look forward to continuously working with Alison in the following months and years to come!” Milan Nayee BA(Hons) – Apprenticeship Placement Officer at Real Time Training Group

“Having spoken at length with Alison, worked in partnership with her and witnessed her workshops first hand I can say that she is totally committed to developing people. Alison is a specialist in getting people to truly understand their transferable skills and to plan their career moves in a more meaningful and successful way. Alison has produced excellent material to back up her consulting skills and provides a great service to people wishing to develop their career skills. A tireless worker and totally reliable, she does what she says she will do I have no hesitation in recommending Alison and her work.” Paul Andrews – CEO at Jobsinkent.com

 “Alison is a positive, dedicated and enthusiastic trainer. Her clear and concise communication skills ensure that she is able to explain often complex and involved ideas to a range of audiences. Alison is also exceptional in 1:1 interactions her inspiring and empowering approach to highlighting persons strengths allow her to quickly build rapport and gain the trust and respect of those she works with.” Roy Brocklehurst

 Personal Coaching

“The life coaching sessions have been a complete bonus for me. They make me put more into my work, allow myself to grow within my field and make me an independent, experienced and valuable personal trainer. I can honesty say that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the coaching sessions, they have been brilliant.” Alison Graham – London

“I cannot recommend Alison enough to anyone who is considering life coaching. She is focused, inspirational and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is absolutely superb at focussing in on my goals and looking at the pro’s and con’s of each of my objectives and then agreeing with me a plan of action. I will use this method when I am looking at anything in life where I need to get results or I feel stuck.” Susan Greenwood – London

“I have worked with Alison for 12 months now in her capacity as a personal coach. She the kind of person who you can rely on to get things done to a high standard, while coping with difficult time pressures. She somehow manages to always keep a smile on her face even when the going gets tough.” Liz MacNiven Owner, Just Imaging Coaching

“Alison is really skillful in helping me break down my goals into small achievable tasks. She is so encouraging and doesn’t judge. I feel very positive about what I have achieved so far and without the coaching would not have done anything about it.” Clare – Kent

“It was surprisingly beneficial. I was a little hesitant about needing life coaching but actually it focused my attention on segments of my life and career. I would recommend it to others.” Gail Fay – East Sussex

“Coach was positive and encouraged me to be honest and made time for me to think and have my say. Coach was good at summing up what I had said and using questioning techniques to move me on.” Sasha Harrison – Kent

“By the end of the sessions I had a clear focus in mind and action plan of things to do. I felt incredibly excited by the prospect of getting started and clear things I needed to do. I feel much more positive and things are actually starting to make sense in my head!” Kelly Coleman – Kent

“Alison was great as she didn’t let me off the hook, but in the nicest possible way! It made me feel optimistic that I could achieve this. It helped me overcome both the mental and practical obstacles in the way of achieving it. Alison is very encouraging which is always good for the soul!” Carole Heselton – Hertfordshire

“I feel like I have made a step towards improving my problem and feel a lot more positive about the future.” Lara Williams – Dorset

“After the fourth session I definitely felt that I’d improved. We decided that this was my last coaching session since I think that I’d definitely reached my goals. I think I am now more confident, think more positively about things and am now on a mission.” Nilla Hjort – London  

“I found the coaching a great release in self-motivation. Alison listened to me and responded well which gave me a fire in the belly. I became aware of the impact of coaching as soon as we began as I never really shared the personal side of what I want in life with anyone in such detail. The impact of discussion was immense.” Karen Eyo – London

“Alison is good at creating rapport which enabled me to be open and honest both with her and myself. You feel that anything you say is treated confidentially and respectfully. I have enjoyed working with her and she has certainly helped me re focus, such that I am back on track. I would happily recommend her as a coach.” Liz McacNiven – Hertfordshire

“Brilliant! Made me look at mini goals to achieve first. Uplifted my confidence when I realised there are many strings to my bow. Fun and productive too!” Marina Pasquill – Kent

“I found that my session with Alison has really helped me understand how to write a CV and understand how I can get a job. After this session I am going to put all I have learn’t in to practice and finish my CV. This will then hopefully get me in to the jobs that I want to apply for” Dan Rees – Maidstone

“The session has boosted my confidence and Alison has guided me towards which jobs I should be applying for. I have enjoyed this session and feel more prepared to tackle the job market.” Becci Bostock – Medway

“It has got me focused on the type of job I like/desire. Built up my confidence tremendously in terms of my C.V. outlook. Been excellent help.” Raj Aathithan – London

“Alison and I share the same passion for helping young people to achieve their potential. Alison has achieved this in a number of ways, through her own company, working with Connexions and has now started a dedicated company purely to work with young people. Alison is very personable and easy to deal with. She always does what she says she is going to, and is totally reliable and dedicated. I am delighted to recommend Alison. She is a great person to work with.” Claire Trevill Owner at TT Associates

 “The best endorsement of Alison’s work comes from the students she works with – happy atmosphere, smiling faces and engaging environment are a great recipe that makes learning.” Neville Gaunt – Founder Director of First Steps

“Alison is a creative, big picture Coach with a real passion for recruitment and helping young people on the first steps into employment. Truly inspirational.” Mark Anderson Next Generation Career Coach at KickStart Careers